About Us

Welcome to B&G Fan Store.

Our goal is simple; to supply good quality and stylish fan products to our customer. For many years we had a problem for searching and finding exact fine, high quality and budget-friendly products between thousands of useless products, about our hobbies and what we are the fan for. One day, we decide to open our own business to solve our problem and help people who have the same issue. Now it’s not difficult to find your best wants.

Our concept is changing according to new upcoming trend like movies, tv series, video games etc. Most importantly, we are doing our concept about what we are the fan for! In this way, we are serving only usable or wearable fine products, not something trash. You don’t need to spend your valuable time to find the product you need, or you want. Unlike many other companies, our price policy is budget friendly! Have fun and keep fallow us 😊